Wedding Photography Reviews

Wedding photography in Detroit is a booming business. There are plenty of great places to get married in the city, but it takes a great photographer to make sure that the moment is properly captured. This means that the important thing is to find a company that really knows what they’re doing. Here are a few examples.

Ron Warren Photography

This company is a well-reviewed one and well-knowWedding Photography n in the Detroit area. They specialize in weddings, though they also do photography for other purposes as well such as portfolio images for models and actors. Reviewers online say that they are known for being punctual and having clear directions. They often cover parking fees as well even. The main photographer and business owner, Ron, knows his stuff and has even won several awards for photography and fine arts, since this is something many people look for in a wedding photographer if they want the absolute best around.

K Santori Photography

This company is known for its emphasis on creativity and dedication. Everyone has encountered the odd photographer that’s shown up late for a shoot before, being completely unprepared and trying to catch up. But this generally doesn’t happen with K Santori. He focuses on weddings especially, though he sometimes adds other types of photography in if people ask specifically. (more…)

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Things to Photograph in Detroit

Detroit is a city that’s full of interesting landmarks and sites that you can capture with your camera in order to remember forever. The city has gone through a lot of ups and downs over the years, and as a result there are a lot of abandoned buildings in the midst of everything else. This makes for a particularly interesting Here are just a few of the things to photograph in Detroit and the surrounding area.

Big Tire

The world’s largest tire is a landmark for anyone travelling to Detroit. It can be a great thing to take a photograph of in general. The tire is 12-tons in weight and 80 feet tall. You can find the tire just to the east of the Metro Airport. This is a Uniroyal brand tire and it was first added in 1966.

Ambassador Bridge

This bridge in Detroit goes across the Detroit River. It was added in 1929 and it’s a spectacular shot that’s great for taking photos. It goes for 7,500 feet and it has suspension bridge links that can be great to get up close shots. The bridge is key for commerce that occurs between the United States and Canada. (more…)

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Photography in Michigan

Photography in MichiganPhotography is really one of the greatest art forms available. Catching nature or people at those unforgettable moments is one of the most ingenious ways to capture life as art in action. Michigan is one of the most photographic places in the US.

There are some very good places for photographic moments in Michigan. If you want to practice photography in Michigan, the lighthouses are a great place to begin. Michigan has a wealth of nature that is virtually unseen. Some of these places are great vacation places to begin one of your greatest new hobbies.

Mackinac Island

This is a beautiful place and it has a rich history if you love historic stops on your travel destinations. Lake Huron is the home o Mackinac Island and if you are beginning as a photographer this is a great place to start with historic old homes and downtown sites to behold. This is a really great spot to try your talents. The shorelines are absolutely fabulous.

Traverse City

This is another great destination spot for your itinerary in Michigan and very picturesque. There are festivals and fun to be had as well as landscapes for your new hobby. So be sure to take festive togs to enjoy the atmosphere. There are also hiking trails and biking for nature exploration. So be sure to take your favorite backpack and running shoes.

The Great Lakes Lighthouses

These are some absolutely gorgeous places to get your new ideas going for your portfolio. They are bright and beautiful. There are over one hundred and fifteen lighthouses in Michigan so you will have one or more trips to plan to see even half of them through the camera eye. Here are a few tips to help you in your new hobby and the adventure begins in the camera eye so let us explore these helpful tips on photographing lighthouses.

1. Getting in Close

This may seem elementary but it is a very important factor when photographing lighthouses so the best places to begin are those on the end of public docks. The reason is offshore rocky lighthouses are hard to gain entrance and access to. You need to be able to get in close for the best shots. If you can get in close to a remote lighthouse it is better because these are the least photographed lighthouses and can be more capturing for your audience.

2. Time of the Day

This is very important for the right lighting. If you want to capture more detail obviously you are going to need as much light as possible. The angle from which you take your pictures and how much light is exposing the detail is very important when photographing these historic monuments. Most photographers do say however that the best light to capture lighthouse glory is dusk because this is when you gain access to the most light surrounding the subject.

3. Weather conditions

You have to check the weather report before you begin your project because it is a gambling proposition. The white waves produce gorgeous pictures but the danger can also be a bad factor in your expedition to photograph lighthouses. Do not put yourself in danger as you try out your new hobby.

There are many things to consider but for the most part this could be a very fulfilling hobby for anyone looking for ideas. Michigan has so many choices for photography projects making it a great place to start your new ideas as a beginner photographer.

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Photography and Michigan Nature Trails

Michigan Nature TrailsMichigan is a state that’s known for its breathtaking natural views. From its lakes to its forests, there are some seriously great places to get photos. In particular, there are a few nature trails in Michigan that make great photos. Here are a few examples.

Alamo Township Park Trails

This trail is about 2.2 miles long. It will take around an hour or so to walk through depending on how quickly you travel. It’s dog friendly as well, so you can take your animal along for the walk, and maybe even use him in some pictures. The trail is near Alamo, Michigan. It’s deep in the woods so you’ll have plenty of great nature shots with little of modern life interrupting. You can also often get other local wildlife in on the shots as well. This park trail connects to others such as the Kal-Haven trail which goes from Kalamazoo to South Haven. It’s important to keep your dog on its leash if you take one though.

Portage Creek Bicentenial Trail

This trail is a bit longer at about 7.7 miles in length. Depending on how quickly you walk, it could take you anywhere from one to three hours. The trail connects through several different parks including Celery Flats, Schrier Park, West Lake Nature Preserve, and others. The park is family friendly, so you can get some great shots of nature with your family. It’s a good idea to bring some water friendly shoes since the boardwalks in this area have holes in them so that water can pass through them easily. On the plus side, this could make for some great water-based shots for your camera.

Nature trails can be a great way to get the shots you want if you’re willing to do a bit of hiking first, especially in Michigan.

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A Happy Marriage for Couples Who Want Long Term Relationships That Last Forever

Happy MarriageWhen people talk about marriage that had to do with celebrities, I have some hesitation. It seem like most celebrities ended up getting a divorce due to a couple of reasons. One thing that matters most, just like people that are happy being together, is that the photos show how happy you were on the day you got married. Otherwise, the chances of getting a divorce later on down the road will be even greater than without one. However, for regular folks that don’t have a lot of money but want pictures of their day filled with joyous moments, it’s still possible to get that but with some bit of work to stretch your money even further while looking radiant on your wedding day.

A marriage proposal photography agency may be what you need. Not only will they make your day easier to handle your “special day” but all the help you get do come in handy so you can concentrate elsewhere to prepare for it. Not only can you get great deals but by taking the time to do your research on who will want to work with you on getting the most money on pictures, you also get to enjoy your day with the people who want to celebrate it with you.

You found someone whom you can share your life with instead of being alone. With the two of you together, nothing will get in your way. In order to avoid a future divorce, pictures taken by a professional photographer will just do it for you. A marriage proposal is also an important time to take pictures of and being able to see it later on in the future is a wise investment for you and your spouse.

If you are interested in talking to someone about it, we are more than happy to talk more about this.

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How To Photograph Wedding Rings

Photograph Wedding RingsBeing a professional wedding photographer for many years, I’ve learned one of the required photographs is one highlighting the wedding rings of the bride and groom. I’ve often have had requests, especially for this shot, to be clear and sharp and with good reason. A lot of money was paid for these rings, not to mention the romantic and even religious significance, to some people. Not having this shot can ruin an otherwise great wedding shoot.

When shooting the rings, I like to use something such as the brides bouquet, or perhaps a bible if flowers aren’t available, as a background. Place the hands on the top of the flowers or bible. Careful not to crush the flowers. If you have a problem coming up with a suitable background item such as the flowers or a bible, the wedding gown itself can also be used. The reason I prefer the flowers or bible is often for the color and / or contrast in colors.

I always place the bride’s hand over the grooms hand. As a general rule the brides hand is more likely the more attractive of the two, and less likely to show scars or other imperfections. Not to mention that the bride has probably had her nails done exquisitely for the wedding, and her hand can be used to hide some of these irregularities or imperfections on the groom’s hand. Arrange the hands so that both rings are displayed well. Occasionally the bride or the groom will be wearing an expensive Swiss made watch as well as the rings, and will want it included in the photograph as well. I have never found this to be a problem. I just allow a little longer shot if necessary to include the wrists of whomever is wearing the watch, so that it is also seen in the image. I believe the rings are the important part of the image, but a photographer is there to shoot what they (The bride and groom) want, and to do his best to give them what they ask for in their photos, if at all possible.

I will most likely shoot this as a macro shot, most often using a close up lens that will allow me to get close so that there is great deal of detail in the shot. It often requires a little extra time, though only a few minutes, to achieve a very sharp focus. Shoot with a stopped down aperture setting as small as possible F/8-f/22 is the best range. I prefer f/11, because it is still large enough to allow enough light to keep the image bright, and gives a great depth of field. It also allows a little faster speed of the shot. However, there may be some limitations depending upon your camera and equipment. I use a flash to make sure I have enough light to make the rings pop out and sparkle. I usually use a 1/4 power setting on my flash if it is adjustable. I also use a star cross filter on my lens to add the star effect from the flash. I prefer a four point star myself, although a six point or eight point is OK as well. This allows your ring, or any other reflected point of light to give a sparkle. This really enhances the image, and draws attention to the places you want noticed.

As a general rule a wedding shoot does not allow a lot of time to spend on one picture. So when shooting, I try to spend as little time as is necessary to capture as many other shots as I can, and take a little extra time on this shot. It is a photograph that always sells. I have not yet seen a couple that has failed to choose that image to be a part of their album. It is what I refer to as one of the top money shots of the wedding.

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How to Photoshop Out Moles And Other Blemishes To Improve A Photograph

PhotoshopIt’s senior photo day at your high school. You just had a great portrait taken for the yearbook. Unfortunately, that morning when you looked in the mirror before leaving for school, you saw that overnight you developed a rather large zit, right on the tip of your nose. Naturally it had to happen on picture day. You tried all the usual remedies, and even tried to use some sort of make-up cover to hide it, but it still shows.

You were born with a rather large mole right next to your lip, that to you, seems really ugly. You would if your parents would let you have plastic surgery to get it removed. You don’t want to have your picture taken for the yearbook with that hideous brown spot staring at everyone in every picture someone takes. It’s for that reason, you hate to have your picture taken and try to avoid it at any length. But today if you don’t get your picture taken, you won’t be in the yearbook.

What is there to do?

It used to be much more difficult to remove or diffuse a blemish a mole or even a scar, in a photograph. It was time consuming, and tedious work that had to be done by a darkroom printing artist. Someone who was very good in a darkroom, and able to diffuse that blob, without damaging the picture. Or the picture had to have the negative or print retouched with paints to hide the blemish.

Now, with the advent of digital photography it has become so much more simple and much faster. It still takes someone with some artistic ability to do it with finesse, but if they are reasonably familiar with a computer program, such as Photoshop, it is so much easier and faster and can be done without changing the image, or damaging the photo. Nowadays, even if the image was shot on film, it can still be Photoshopped.

If you are aware of the problem going into the shoot, you should ask the photographer to remove the blemish prior to printing the photo. Most will comply, and have on staff at their studio someone who is Photoshop proficient. It most likely will only take a few minutes to remove the blemish, or artifact as it may be referred to.

If it is a digital image, uploading the image to a computer is a pretty typical thing to do in the digital age. In most cases it must be done to print the image anyway. If the photo was shot on film, it will need to be scanned into the computer as a digital file. Once it is in the computer, manipulating the image in Photoshop is very simple if you have the knowledge as to how to do it.

What I would most likely do for a skin blemish of almost any type, such as a zit, or a mole, that detracts from the picture, is to use the clone tool. Selecting a brush size that is appropriate, and cloned from the area around the blemish, so as to keep the color and texture as close to possible to the original area around it and just blot the artifact out until it matches the surrounding area. It is very simple after you’ve done it a few times, and will be virtually invisible.

This is true for many type of artifacts, including , but not limited to blemishes of all types, flash flare reflections from glasses, jewelry, or windows, dust spots, or stray hairs that may affect the image. The clone tool is probably the most used tool for this type of application, in Photoshop.

In severe cases, where larger areas are affected, cutting an area from a similar photograph, and implanting it or pasting it over the damaged image may be necessary, but the clone tool will still be used to blend the implanted portion of the image into the damaged picture to make it appear as part of the original image.

If you use Photoshop, you will become very familiar with the clone tool, as it will become your go to tool for most corrections.

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